Volvo Safety Recalls

To find out if your Volvo is subject to a Volvo Safety Recall, please enter your VIN below ^

Your Volvo VIN must include all 17 digits. It is comprised of numbers and letters.
Volvo Safety Recall information is available for Volvo vehicles purchased in Australia via authorised retailers that have a first retail date of 25 years or less. To check recalls on older vehicles please contact your local Volvo Retailer. Results valid up to 12 February 2024.

Finding your Volvo’s VIN

Your VIN is your car’s unique identification number. You can find your Volvo’s VIN in one of the following ways:

Inside your vehicle

Check on the build sticker, located on the Right Hand B pillar. You can find this by opening the right hand rear door.

Your vehicle documentation

Your VIN can also be found on the first page of your Volvo’s service and warranty booklet or in the car’s registration document.

Contact your Volvo retailer

If you are unable to locate your VIN, contact your Volvo retailer and they can double check if your vehicle has any outstanding Volvo Safety Recalls.

Volvo Safety Recalls

Despite our thorough testing and follow up, issues may occur that can be traced back to the construction and building of the car, or the car components. Sometimes they are things you won’t even notice, like a software update that we take care of at your next service appointment. In some situations, we need to make a safety recall, asking you to contact your local Volvo retailer to have an issue corrected. This is particularly the case when we encounter issues that may affect your safety, even if there are no reports of incidents.

Update your customer details

To help us contact you about future Volvo Safety Recalls please take a moment to ensure your customer details and vehicle ownership are up to date.

Support and resources

Contact your retailer

Repairs to recalled parts are free and available at any Volvo Cars Retailer.

Help and advice

We’re here to assist with all of your recall related queries.